About Us

Curated & Handcrafted 

Started in May 2014, Stringwares is the brainchild of two unlikely people – a corporate manager and a 3rd gen hawker. Driven by spontaneity and largely inspired by the endless possibilities of self-taught crafts, every piece is handcrafted using only genuine semi-precious stones and a curated selection of charms.


The Founders

Shannon, Co-founder, Brand Creative/ Marketing

a.k.a. The Beading Machine

Despite not having any background in design, Shannon had a strong interest in this aspect since a young age. Exploring means of expressing her creativity was something she did during her schooling days, even until she started working full-time in the corporate F&B industry. The familiarity and fondness towards semi precious stones is a result of her father’s influence as an avid antique and gemstone collector. Shannon brings this passion of hers to Stringwares as the Brand Creative and Marketing.


Aloysius, Co-founder, Brand Operations

a.k.a The Unexpected Creative

Behind the brand’s inspiration is Aloysius, who is a full-time hawker helping out with his father’s business while spending his free time at Stringwares. He is driven to work for what works, is meticulous, and considers himself secretly creative. The one thing he enjoys about both his job, is the communication and engagement with customers. In his role at Stringwares, he ends his expertise in managing the brand operations and procurement.


How it all started 

When a common fondness turns into a serious business idea, on a random day.

One day (on his birthday), he asked her to make him a bracelet. It sounded challenging, but she actually did have some idea at the back of her mind. Feeling excited about it, she agreed.

Since young, she had frequented places with her dad who is an avid collector of semi-precious stones. That familiarity easily rocketed the process.

It didn’t take her long to make one - perhaps 15. No workshop, no fancy location, just in his car, at the passenger seat, with the car still parked by the curb side.

That was how it all started.



Why we do what we do 

We started out of passion for semi-precious stones and craft. Over time, we picked up and learn the craft, finding contentment in self-taught crafts and joy in crafting each piece of bracelet. The same reason – passion – is the essence of the brand. We love to share what we know about Mother Nature’s creations, adding our own touch of #stringwaresmagic to it. We have in mind to craft versatile pieces to match everyday, for every occasion.