Frequently Asked Questions

About Our Craft

1. Are your designs unisex?
We have designs that are more feminine and some that are more masculine. However, all our designs are generally unisex. We can craft them in any preferred size to fit.

2. How do I know what my wrist size is?
You can get a good size of your wrist by measuring it on your own. Take a string, go one round around your wrist, then measure the length of string used to complete the round. Alternatively, you can use a measuring tape, go round your wrist without applying too much excess pressure.

The measurement will be a good representation of your wrist size and we will craft your bracelet based on that, plus a little buffer for the ease of wearing. 

3. How do I know if my bracelet is too small? 
When the bracelet is too small, you will find gaps in between the beads and see exposed string when worn. Sometimes, the bracelet even leaves marks on your wrist after wearing. 

4. What should I do if my bracelet is too small?
Firstly, stop wearing it! We recommend you to send it back to us for resizing. Resizing for the first time is complimentary. 

5. Will my bracelet loosen over time?
Yes, it will. As our bracelets are crafted with elastic string, they will lose their elasticity over time after constant wear. This is a natural wear-and-tear outcome. Imagine it like a rubber band, the more you stretch and use it, the looser it becomes. 

6. What happens when my bracelet is loose?
You will notice that your bracelet has a 'dead weight' and is of a very low elasticity when it is due for resizing. If you wear your bracelet everyday, we recommend to restring the bracelet after 4-6 months. Our restringing service is complimentary, and it will bring back life to your bracelet! 

7. Will my bracelet snap?
Should the bracelet be of a good and correct fit for your wrist, the chances of it snapping is almost zero, except in situations of mishandling or mishaps.

When your bracelet feels loose after constant wear, remember to send them back to us for restringing. Restringing for our bracelets is a FREE service, always!

8. What is the "correct way of wearing" my bracelet?
Keeping in mind that bracelets are crafted with elastic string, the general rule of thumb is to not overstretch them! When wearing & removing, be wary of any rings; do not wear over watches or other accessories. The best way of wearing & removing will be the action of 'rolling' the bracelet in & out with both hands.

9. What happens if my bracelet snaps? How do I get it fixed?
In the unfortunate event that your bracelet snaps, we will be able to help you get it fixed. If you manage to collect all the beads & charms, and have an image of your original design, restringing it is FREE.

However, if you have lost some beads or charms in the original design, there will be a fee (charged by per bead and per charm) to replace them. We will be able to quote once we understand the full details of your bracelet.

10. How should I care for my bracelet?
Our bracelets are crafted with genuine and natural crystals. With this in mind, and like most other accessories, keep them away from any liquid/chemical contact as much as possible. Perspiration is inevitable, if you do wish to clean, use a damp cloth to gently clean over bracelet. Do not wear bracelet during shower, playing sports or other physical activities. 


About Remote Customisation Experience

11. How does the remote customisation experience work?
We will start off by asking questions about your style & preferences. This will help us to better recommend, to start designing an initial design. At the same time, you can also browse our website or Instagram page to get inspired. If you already have an idea of the design, you may sketch or show us any relevant images with references. For any crystal requests, do let us know in advance so we can check on our availability or source when needed.

12. What if I do not know what I want, can I still customise?
Yes, of course! It's completely ok to enquire not knowing what you want yet. That's what we do best, we will recommend and guide you to finding the perfect bracelet :) 

13. Are your customisation enquiries non-obligatory?
Yes, they are non-obligatory. If you have decided not to purchase the bracelet as you require more time to think, or are not satisfied with the design, it's ok! We know it takes time to get what you really like!

14. Can I use my own beads/charms to customise with you?
Yes, you may send us your own crystals for customisation at your own cost. However, do note that for customisations with your own crystals, they are not applicable to our monthly customisation promotions. 

15. Do you charge any additional fees if I use my own beads/ charms to customise?
No, we do not charge any additional fees. We will only charge for the crystals & materials that you use from us.