Bridal Gifts

We know how tiresome wedding planning can get. All the preparation can overshadow the most heartfelt action of wanting to show appreciation for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. After all, without them, the wedding would be absolutely different.

With us (the co-founders of Stringwares) also going through our own wedding preparation, we find one of the most meaningful way of saying "Thank You" to our #teambride sisters and #teamgroom brothers, is gifting them something that will last a long time even after the wedding is over. Something that symbolises your friendship and the unique bond with a touch of personalisation.

Whether it is their favourite colour, motif, stone or belief; our range of semi-precious stones and charms will provide the most versatile play for each individual. There is no better option than customising your gift to suit the recipient's preferences when you know them best.


#teambride and #teamgroom specials

Because we enjoy celebrating love, and we (Aloysius & Shannon) are getting married ourselves this coming June, we are sharing the joy by offering specials when you customise your bridesmaids and groomsmen bracelets with us!

1 - 3 bracelets : 20% off total customisation price
4 bracelets or more : 25% off total customisation price

Our base price for customisation starts from $40. Charges are dependent on types of beads and charms selected. Prices charged individually by per material used. Lead time of 7 working days upon payment confirmation is applicable for all Bridal Gifts orders, except for on-the-spot customisation at Stringwares Bead Bar.



Make an appointment with us at Stringwares Bead Bar, or drop us an email at to start enquiring today! We look forward to being a part of your memorable, big day! <3